This is a modification to the standard type of three speed transmition, we have manufactured a new input/spigot shaft with 19 teeth. we have changed the tooth form to a staright tooth fellows stub tooth design. This now meshes with a 28 tooth fellows stub tooth on a new manufactured lay gear. The lay shaft has now got 24 teeth on the second gear, but also with a fellows stub tooth. The first and reverse gear remain unchanged, ie, 18 tooth and 15 tooth 8DP standard form.    We have manufactured a new second/top sliding gear with 23 teeth fellows stub type. This now meshes with the 24 tooth gear on the lay gear shaft. Top gear (3rd) remains the same. Syncro mesh is incorporated and is the same type as the orignal. All gears run on needle rollers. The lay gear shaft has been uprated to a larger size and the gear box case has been machined to accomodate this. 

First gear and second gear are now closer to third gear (reverse is also slightly higher). 

Choose this box for a better driving experience and improved acceleration abbility. 

Ford V8 Close Ratio Gear Box