Repair and Restoration

Belcher Engineering offers a fully equipped workshop and highly experienced staff who are able to undertake all aspects of mechanical restoration or repairs to your car or parts. We are able to carry out full mechanical rebuilds, or overhaul specific units such as your engine, gearbox, back axle or steering box. 

Originally Belcher Engineering specialised in Ford Models A, B, T and V8, over the years we have expanded our expertise to cover brands such as Lancia Lambda, Packards, Bentleys and Buicks and many more. The aquisition of Ultimate Spares of America in 2019 has allowed us to contine to grow and we now cover all American cars from 1930 to the present day. 


Over the years we have had the privilege of preparing a number of cars for rallies such as ‘Peking to Paris’ and the ‘Flying Scotsman’ - We have been able to provide full mechanical overhauls and upgrades in preparation for these events as well as offering  support, advice and back up spares as the rallies have progressed.

For examples of the engine specifications we can build please see below.


(Please Note: These are examples only, all engines are individual and build to the customers exact requirements.  


Belcher Engineering Ltd-

Competition Model  Engine - SIDE VALVE

RPM = 4,100

86BHP @ 3500RPM


  • Bored + .100"

  • Line bored to take shell bearings

  • Off centre studs on mains to allow Model B counter balanced crankshaft to be fitted

  • Crankshaft crossed drilled

  • Shell bearings con rods

  • High pressure oil pump and adjustable relief valve

  • Full flow oil filter pressure system which pumps oil direct to main bearings

  • Rope seal on rear mains

  • Mild camshaft grind

  • Straight stem valves and bronze valve guides

  • Oversize and ported inlets

  • Lightened and balanced flywheel and crankshaft

  • Modified for V8 clutch

  • Lion Head

  • Scolded Dog inlet manifold with down draft or SU carburettor

  • Thomas 4 branch tube exhaust manifold

  • Aluminium cam gear and modifications for rev counter drive



Belcher Engineering Ltd-

Competition Inlet Over Exhaust Riley Engine

BHP = 102

TORQUE = 178FT @ 2200RPM

RPM = 4100

  • A 1930 and earlier Model A Engine fitted with a Model B crank shaft

  • Line bored shell bearings conversion to rods and mains

  • Cross drilled crank shaft

  • Lightened flywhell

  • Fully balanced

  • Mild camshaft

  • Riley Overhead valve - 2 valve head making 3 valved per cylinder

  • Fully adjustable pressure relief

  • Twin downdraft Zenith carbs or twin su carbs/Stromberg 97's

  • 4 branch balanced exhaust manifolds


Closed Ratio Gears - Model A.png

Belcher Engineering Ltd - Close Ratio Gears

All gears have been made from EN40B Steel, NITRIDED and run in needle bearings.


  • 20 Tooth to 27 Tooth

  • 1st 2.2 to 1

  • 2nd 1.3 to 1

  • 3rd 1 to 1

  • 18 Tooth to 29 Tooth

  • 1st 2.59 to 1

  • 2nd 1.55 to 1

  • 3rd 1 to 1

Close ratio Gears are an excellent product for those who like to compete in Trial and Sprint events, or those wishing to tour with their car. With two different ratios available 20 Tooth to 27 Tooth (Four door or two door) or 18 Tooth to 29 Tooth (Coupes and Phaetons) - we can improve your driving experience and improve acceleration ability.


Ford Model A & B Friction Arm Shock Absorbers

We have designed and built our very own shock absorbers for both the Model A and Model B. (Model B's have a slight modification to the pictures shown.) These are a very successful product - with us now in our 6th production run since the original prototype was proven successful. To purchase please see our online store or call us on 01379 890913. 


21 and 24 Stud Flathead V8 Cylinder Heads Machined

Skimming of your cylinder heads and the combustion domes re-profiled. Offering you the customer a chance to re-use your existing cylinder heads and keep true correct compression's.

To purchase please see our online store or call us on 01379 890913.